MODOM puts the know-how gathered into a catalogue, offering layouts that already works and that can be further customized. The wide range of solutions proposed within this section is meant to build easily and adapt to the spatial conformation of each site and to any kind of aggregation. Otherwise, submit any idea or project to our team. All that remains is to buy the desired architecture.


the future begins with you, il futur passes by us


infinite possible solutions with configuration grids

MODOM has already thought about an abacus of components with which it is possible to compose the architectures, starting from the client’s needs. Each component corresponds to a room inside the building (living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, corridor). The six configuration grids, shown below, provide a quick indication on how to aggregate the components to create the desired planimetric layout. The component abacus is continuously updated.


now, you are designer


definition of the intervention’s place

Did you find the perfect ground?

MODOM builds well-designed houses, healthy and safe, attentive to the environment where they will be temporarily or permanently installed. To ensure a successful project, we need to know the place where you plan to localize the product, in order to better calibrate all the features of the construction: from the selection of materials to improve energy performance to compliance with the anti-seismic safety regulations , to local regulations.


the system that can multiply your space

Three possible measures, the same concept.

MODOM has conceived a prefabricated, original and exclusive modular building system. It is foreseen the use of 3 dimensions for the realization of the constructive sections. The mechanical connections and the joints allow to create solutions that can easily be modified over time, expanded or reduced even after the first realization, adding or removing sections of construction without affecting the static of the elements.


for living and sleeping areas

MODULES 4,50 m

MODULES 5,50 m

MODULES 6,50 m


the designer is you


our experts at your service

The construction process begins with the study of the place and continues with the design, with the management of the bureaucratic part and is completed with the construction of the complete building in all its parts. To build a high quality building it is essential to involve professionals specialized in different sectors. You need geologists, structural experts, designers and landscapers who work, in a coordinated way, on the definition of all aspects of the building in detail. MODOM actively collaborates with professionals in the sector, who know the technology and process perfectly, and makes them available to the customer who has the possibility to be followed, with the utmost professionalism, throughout the process.

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