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Modom microarch: the future of modular architecture


MicroArch is a range of projects selected by research and development Modom group. MicroArch fully reflects our vision. Modom start-up wants to rethink the habitability ideas in line with the needs and problems of the new generations.


Imagine a place where you always feel at home, where they feel free and unique. Smarthome is the first line of highly customizable housing units projects. Discover all of our projects.


MODOM nominated his construction system MHW (Modular Hardware of Wood)The system consist of prefab modular and multilayer, totally personalized. The panel size and shape can change to adapt your needs. You can change your house configuration in a few time clearly! no wall hole and idric and electric manutention system. You can add or remove a home’s part and carry it elsewhere!

Warranty quality

Fast ​​and precision construction, with certain deadlines and planned costs. Technology, home automation and design allows very high performance materials and a saving of resources and energy. Every single meter is design to allow the highest quality of life and comfort. Modom exclude any possible natural risks, bureaucracy and increase costs during construction.

Why choose Modom MicroArch?


The modularity of prefab elements allows to create and customizable infinite configurations: You can combine your elements for expansions, reductions or variations of all kinds, both during construction and in the future. Personal needs change and the concept of quality and comfort too.


modom smarthome microarch


Behind the Modom’s idea there’s the revolutionary concept: feel always at home. Thanks to the innovative system developed by our team, each modular microarchitecture housing project can be always assembled and disassembled and transported anywhere. The structure is create by panels that can be load on a common tir and carry everywhere, over-ocean too.



Microarch’s concept varies with the personal needs and evolve with the concept of quality and comfort. Modom through a wide range of customizations can designs a customized project with solutions closer to its user. The customization process is “non-stop” and it can continue after the construction with the possibility to increase and evolve several architecture parts.

modom smarthome microarch


The innovation of modom microarch based to structure evolution. Each houses are made in accord to specific manufacturing process that allows to increase or decrease living area.


The search of quality materials, highly performing are elements of the Modom’s project. Modom makes an house that produce independently Clean Energy, Power Grid and independent of gas, the house can be built in isolated places too. The construction process allows to obtain NZEB house. It builts with techniques of bio-building and eco-friendly materials, Zero Impact. Modom, with microarch, wants to reduce CO2 emissions before and after construction. We want realize energy-independent house and reduce energy costs.


modom smarthome microarch

MicroArch – Smarthome

Architecture & Design

Modom designs Smarthome, a concentrate of innovation and design. Choose a house designed by Modom’s team, or use our configurator.

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A range of projects and buildings made of wood and with performant materials. The most modern techniques of design and construction to realize your dreams. An house with very high thermal efficiency, comfort and save time and costs.

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Modom realizes innovative and highly customizable solutions for companies that want to improve their image and their brands. Yoursign. * is a range of projects designed exclusively for temporary shops and small installations for business.

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