Wooden house LivingPlus.+

Your future energy efficient wooden house by Modom


Modom Livingplus.+ is a range of builidings projects build with wooden materials. Our houses are built with high performance materials according to the most modern design and construction techniques. The combination of these elements makes it possible to get an house with a very high thermal efficiency, comfort and allows to save money, time and energy.

Inspire You

Choose a new home is an important life moment, let it inspire You and see our projects. Each Modom’s house is highly customizable to satisfy your every space and costs needs.


The wooden house isn’t the rustic building, hut or toolshed … the wooden house is a high performance, durable and solid design structure that coexists with the environment.

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livingplus modom woodenplus

Fast and certain time

Less time to construction and immediate habitability

livingplus modom woodenplus

Energy safe

less energy lose and reduction of bills and energy consumption.

livingplus modom woodenplus


Modom house is an investment that increases in value over time.

livingplus modom woodenplus

Thermal efficiency

Non-conducting with high performance in all seasons.

livingplus modom woodenplus


Designed to You with a custom solutions.

livingplus modom woodenplus

Comfort and healthy living

health of the environment and psycho-physical wellbeing.

livingplus modom woodenplus


We build with certified natural materials.

livingplus modom woodenplus

Earthquake resistance

High structural capacity and safety guarantee.

livingplus modom woodenplus

Fire resistant

High stability of the materials with high temperatures too.

livingplus modom woodenplus

Certain costs

From costs estimate to realization without surprises.

Modom – Architecture & Design

Wooden house LivingPlus.+

We design and build your future wooden house: safe, sustainable and efficient.

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Discover the wooden world

Prejudices and stereotypes on wooden house have been prevented the development of this type of building. While in other countries the wooden constructions are considered the base of the building techniques, in Italy are not used because ther’re wrong or inaccurate information regarding the use and the potential of wooden materials.

Design and build with Modom

Design and define step by step your new home. From materials choise to the interior design. Modom’s team will follow you to build the house you’ve always dreamed. Wood has infinite possibilities and potentialities. Discover them together with Us. Contact Us for an opinion or advice.

woodenhouse modom livingplus


Architecture & Design

Creating value through Bio-construction, eco-sustainability and energy efficiency is our mission.

We design your future together. Get inspired.

Do you love innovation, design e performance?

Discover the Modom micro-architecture projects.

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MODOM nominated his construction system MHW (Modular Hardware of Wood)The system consist of prefab modular and multilayer, totally personalized. The panel size and shape can change to adapt your needs.


case in legno living plus design architecture

Modom realizes innovative and highly customizable solutions for companies that want to improve their Brand image. Yoursign. * Is a range of projects designed exclusively for temporary shops and small installations for your business.

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