Modom is a powerful revolution, an innovative future project. Take your position!

Our future project is… 


We have to be respectful towards the earth, we have to actively contribute to reduce the exploitation of the ground and of natural resources.


a step FORWARD.

We look at the future-cities needs, at their necessities and we look at human settlement problems. People are the issue of our design project.



Our architectures are always changing: they born, grow, increase and go down. No more real estate but developing goods to fit your needs.


The way TO THE TOP.

Our business is arduous, but the reward is bigger. We have to overcome the obstacles so to move to the top and see the panorama.


…A POETRY written by You.

We believe that designing projects means to share ideas, experiences and emotions. It means to realize a durable project both for us and for future readers..


live here, live there, live World

future project hub-ita architecture
We select a building to RECOVER 
We design, restructure and give back to community new LIVING SPACE.
future project hub-ita architecture
future project hub-ita architecture
We prepare “plug and play” system that allow you to “connect” your home.


The architecture become Super Smart and Evolutive… It changes shape and allows to connect more different “microarchitectures”.
future project hub-ita architecture
future project hub-ita architecture
Your new house is an independent microarchitecture. it can adapt to any place, everywhere you want live!
In all cities will be a HUB-ITA project ready to receive your “microarchitecture”

Social city will soon become a reality. Everywhere you can feel at home!

future project hub-ita architecture

The HUB-ITA project


Globalization highlighted important concepts like mobility, flexibility and fast communication. Space and time are day by day more complex. We are moving towards homogeneity. Everything changes. Boundaries are exceeded. Cities, through new designers and architects, are looking for new solutions to improve life and grant people’s needs according to these present changes.

Can buildings keep being in the same way also in the future?
The world talks about crisis but also great changes and new social requirements.

MODOM wants to contribute to this process of regeneration. We want to intercept the request of a planning vision more focused on new society dynamics.

Recovering places, retraining and returning them to the community is our goal, our dream to propose to the world.

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