the future of modular and prefab houses

Why choose a LivingPlus+ Smarthome ?

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Time = money. Prefabrication allows you to get your project done in a short time. Fast transport and assembly ensure a considerable saving of money related to the time of execution..


Each project is unique. Personalization is the characteristic that identifies your style. From the definition of the shape, to the choice of finishes, you are always the protagonist. 

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All the projects we offer have high quality standards. From the structure to the closure of the cladding every single detail is studied to ensure the best performance and ensure maximum comfort.


LivingPlus+ solutions are designed to guarantee maximum safety from all points of view. Thanks to a careful design and the use of certified materials it is possible to make your project anti-seismic and anti-fire

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Certain costs

Detailed design, prefab and dry-assembled construction make careful management and cost control possible. This process makes the sale price certain and the relationship with the client is transparent, which knows every single aspect.