the future of modular and prefab houses

Why should I choose LivingPlus +?

The quality of materials comes first, always

MODOM has selected the best materials available on the market. Only green materials with a certified quality are used to build our products. MODOM brings the best quality/price ratio to your attention. Contact us and ask for a specific certification.

A product design as unique as you

Each project is unique, as you can customized any part of the building, such as the shape of the roof (i.e. double-pitched roof) or the finishes  (i.e. cera-mics or parquets). You are the starring role. Choose the palette of colors that suites you better.

Maximum safety for you and your family

The attentive design of every building detail, combined with certified materials, assures the maximum security in case of earthquakes or fire. Read the FAQs to gather more information about the performance and the durability of the products.

Invest today, to reduce future costs

The high performance of the external cladding guarantees the maximum internal comfort and contribute to reduce energy bills. Watch the standard equipment section of the web site, to have more information about the domestic systems.