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Why should I choose MicroArch ⌂?

Recognizable and distinctive lodging

MODOM offers touristic accommodations with a unique design, characterized by a particular attention to recycling at the end of the product life-cycle. With the modular system it is also possible to build two-storeys lodging and shape the internal space easily. Increase the attractiveness of your rooms, capture new customers and take your success.

Easily renew your tourist offering

With the MODOM’s solutions you can upgrade your offer. Add new sections to an existing structure or increase the number of rooms by adding new modules. It is also possible to replace the building’s finishes to renew the style of your rooms periodically. Keep your activity always up to date and offer new perspectives to your customers.

High quality and certified security

MODOM’s solutions are meant to last. First, a detailed project to understand your needs, then the prefabrication with CNC machines to achieve an high precision standards and flawless products. Material certifications state the high performance and the duration of every component. Invest now, to gain tomorrow a cost-effective and long-lasting facility.

Time is money, increase your profitability

MODOM designs buildings that can be assembled quickly and simply. This allows to complete the on-site works earlier than other methods, so you can host your guest immediately. Furthermore, the high performance of the cladding offers a comfortable location for every season. Monetize your investment right away and offer cozy spaces all year round.