the new frontier of outdoor wellness

Why should I choose ReLive▲?


Whether you want to diversify your offer or you would start up a new business related to the wellness market, MODOM has the right solution for your well-being and the one of your customers. Even  the investment is modular, like our system, and allows you to grow over time.


MODOM offers traditional saunas and turkish baths, but also innovative solutions, such as sensory stimulation system or floating modules. Tradition comes with innovation, to take always the right choice and meet both your needs and the request of your customers, even the most technological.


MODOM’s project revolve around the final user well-being. This involves the selection of materials, the respect for nature and the right balance between mind rest and body care. You may also customize the desing of the product, to contextualize it with the uniqueness of your land.


Everybody has a different definition of wellness, indeed emotions and perceptions rule our judgement and lead us to satisfy our wishes in countless ways.  By choosing MODOM’s product, you may experience the extraordinary feeling of living in harmony with nature. Do not give up on this unique sensation.