the new frontier of outdoor wellness

Why should I choose ReLive▲?


Whether you already have a business started and want to expand your offer or you would start up a business related to the wellness market, MODOM has the right solution for your well-being and the one of your customers. The investment, is modular too, like our system, and allows you to grow over time.


MODOM offers both traditional saunas and turkish baths or innovative solutions with floating and sensory elements. News and tradition come together to always get the right choice, aimed at meeting your needs or the specific request of your business.


The right choice of materials, respect for nature, the right balance between stimulation of the mind and body care are the characteristics of well-being that MODOM includes in its projects and which are aimed at improving the overall quality of life.


It is the emotions and perceptions we have that drive our thinking towards well-being. By choosing our modular solutions, you can experience the extraordinary effects of living in harmony with nature and giving you unique sensations.