unique pop-up stores and temporary shops for your business

tempshop negozi temporanei yoursign
Open your Temporary Shop

The modom building system allows to get your TempShop quickly with each uniqueness of your brand. The development time, installation, transportation and disassembly are fast and money safe.

Increases visibility

Our TempShop YourSign are designed to get the highest level of visibility of the products thanks to the optimization of every available space. Our Team will study and plan step by step, together with the company’s marketing Team, the solutions to best satisfy the customer and reach the desired target.

tempshop negozi temporanei yoursign
tempshop negozi temporanei yoursign

Temporary shops, benefits for long time

The temporary store is an extremely effective strategy to catch your target. In response to the needs, problems and costs of the traditional store, MODOM has developed its products putting them at the service of the most demanding companies.

Your brand in the World

If you want to pursue objectives in certain high-traffic areas, to test a new product in different geographic areas, create new opportunities, study the market or gain competitive advantages over your competitors, TempShop YourSign is the solution for all your needs.

tempshop negozi temporanei yoursign