all you need to know about MODOM's buildings
What does MODOM do?

MODOM provides architectural and design services, making the know-how available within the following range of activities:

MODOM develops building systems for any kind of construction and for any intended use. In particular, the patented MHW system takes advantage of industrialization, in terms of efficiency and quality, without limitations to the product customization and environmental sustainability.

MODOM seeks constantly new materials and is able to provide advice on innovative materials for the construction market. The sustainability of business models relies on the selection of raw materials and takes into account the performance and life-cycle of the materials, therefore their duration and disposal.

It is important to know how to combine materials, in order to optimize the building performance, construction costs, installation times and to reduce unexpected events. MODOM offers advice on dry technologies and building systems for the installation of facade systems, flooring and energy efficiency interventions.

MODOM is bewitched and tainted by other brand’s products, so combines those design products wisely, in order to create an integrated, virtuous, recognizable project, that is able to enhance the value of the whole offer, just like an holistic system, where the value of the whole project is greater than the sum of each element.

How is a MODOM's product made?

The production and the installation of the building parts is appointed to specialized and experienced manufacturers and general contractors. Distributors have been already selected and accredited by MODOM, in order to offer the highest quality and punctuality during the construction.

If you fall into one of these categories and want further information on how to be part of our supply chain, contact us!

May I sell MODOM's products?

MODOM selects local agents and distributors: agents may be professionals, who carry out their job too, or estate agents, who can invest directly on their asset and/or sell a MODOM’s product in addition to the land; distributors are local builders or general contractors, who may gain a considerable increase of profitability, thanks to the sale and installation of MODOM’s products.

If you fall into one of these categories, send your application, contact us!

What is a Smarthome?

Smarthomes differ from a traditional home, as they are equipped with domotic systems, in order to improve the internal comfort, the security and the energy efficiency of the building. MODOM’s products are unique and they are recognisable by their design, quality of materials and obviously by their features.

Why does MODOM use "dry" building systems?

MODOM’s products are made with “dry” building systems, that are the totality of construction materials that do not require glue or mortars to be fastened. MODOM aims to brings the industrialization even to the construction market, so it turns to “dry” technologies for improvements in production process efficiency and in time of delivery.
Furthermore, the exclusive modular design of the MHW system allows to erect flexible buildings, that are capable to evolve: MODOM’s products start with a base unit, that can expand over time (in compliance with local authority) or be dismantled and re-built elsewhere in a short time.

What am I paying for?

The prices shown on the website refers to the turnkey deal (TOP). MODOM prefers this formula as there is only a spokesperson during the whole process. This means a better management of delivery times and a much more tolerable stress level up to the customer. Furthermore, only a complete material supply allows us to guarantee the perfect airtight seal.
As an alternative to the turn-key formula (TOP), the final buyer may need the development of a customized project. In this case, it is possible to choose even the unfinished formula (BASIC) or the partly finished formula (START).

How does the price change?

Many variables could change the price shown on the website, so it is fundamental to start from a well-defined project. In example, the dimensions and the shape of the building, the number of storeys or the building system may vary the price considerably. Even the finishes, the heating system and windows may have a great incidence. The more detailed the project, the more certainty there can be on the price.
Furthermore, you must be aware that there are costs related to the construction, but that do not effect the price of the building shell, such as foundation works, building permission or professional fees. In order to avoid any unhappy surprise, we recommend you to consult an architect or an engineer first or entrust our team with the management of the concept phase, in order to end up with a clear definition of times and costs related to the construction.

Which works are not included?

The works at the expense of the customer are the following:
 – any tax or duty due to the concession of the building permit;
 – site preparation works (i.e. earth moving or digging, obstacles removal like trees and so on);
 – any geological inspection and foundation works;
 – the connection to the utility networks and the relative consumption;
 – the potential travel expenses due to carpenters;
 – the expenditure for the technical assistance of the project manager, safety manager or any other professional required by law;
MODOM can conduct these works if you do not know who to call. In this case, the cost of each activity will be quoted only once you have choosen the product to build and after an inspection of the site. The quotation is separated by the construction cost of the building shell, so that you can evaluate your investment in a conscious manner.

How long does it last?

The time involved by the whole process is hard to foresee, however, upon signing the contract, MODOM delivers all the materials necessary to erect the buildings within 3 months and take another month to erect it. So, if the following considtions are met, you will get the keys in less than 4 months: you must already have the final desing, own the building permit and have completed the foundation works.

May I customize the product?

The look of the MODOM’s products and their shape can be customized. Thanks to the never-ending research of finish materials, MODOM is able to offer a wide range of aesthetic solutions. In order to ease the customization process, you might choose within four palettes of colours and give immediately a mood to the project.
Even the cladding performance can be customized, according to the local climate and the level of thermal- and acoustic-insulation you want to achieve.

Is it a convenient investment?

MODOM’s products are meant to last and may even appreciate more than traditional buildings, as they are build following the best practices on energy efficiency and high quality materials. On this matter, MODOM recommends to certificate the building performance with thirdy party agencies.
Furthermore, the EU Directive n.844/2018 states that new buildings have to meet minimum energy performance requirements, so we foresee a sharp depreciation of old-fashioned buildings.

How is it made?

The production of structural elements takes place into the factory, where raw materials are traced and the high precision machinery assures a great accuracy. Even the assembly is carried in-house, so it is possible to achieve a high attention to details, to minimize construction times, to improve logistic and to reduce materials waste.

Which works will be carried out on-site?

Depending on project features and its location, MODOM selects, coordinates and supervises the companies that will carry out the on-site construction.
Structural elements are light, so you do not need expensive heavy machinery to lift them. The assembly is quick and simple, thanks to mechanical fastening systems. All of this turns into a pretty reduction of construction time, workforce costs and exposure to unexpected event, such as bad weather.

Are MODOM's products green?

Each product reflects the MODOM’s ethic, following green building criteria and high energy efficiency levels. The performance of each material is certified, in order to guarantee a great thermal- and acoustic efficiency. However, the research of the best energy efficiency comes with the research of the best aesthetic solutions.
Furthermore, the production process and the on-site assembly are meant to reduce the emission of CO2.

Are MODOM's products quake-proof?

In case of earthquake, wooden structures are extremely safe. Wood is lighter than other building materials, so a wooden structure is subject to a lower destructive energy. Wood also owns other features, like the elasticity and the ability to warp itself, that help to hinder the mechanical stress of vibrations. Whenever an exeptional quake ruins or jeopardize (a part of) the structure, it is possible to replace the panels and make the building feasible in a brief.

Are MODOM's products fire-proof?

One of the mean cliché about wood refers to its fire resistance. Actually, wooden structures are capable to resist to fire in a long-lasting manner. Indeed, the fire burns the wood surface slowly and creates a carbonized layer with a very low thermal conductivity, while the internal fibers remains untouched. This means the structure will not collapse immediately, so people can exit from the building safely, as it will not collapse all of a sudden and without cue.

How much do MODOM's products last?

The life-cycle of a building depends on a detailed project, the quality of the buiding materials and the correct execution of all the on-site works. Wood has been used for millennia and to erect any kind of building. The quality involved by a MODOM’s project, combined with the features of wood, assures a high internal comfort and buildings duration, that could reach even 100 years with an adequate maintenance.